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A-dec BDTA Dental Exhibition Showcase

The stand provided a platform to show the company's values and not just the products.

A bit about the project

There are many different reasons why a company will attend an exhibition. Depending where a company is in it's life cycle . A start up company might exhibit to announce its arrival. A growing company may attend to raise awareness in the market. Something that we hear often is what if the company is mature and has 100% awareness in its market? Should a company attend a show, purely as a flag-flying exercise? A-dec are leading innovator that design and manufacture dental equipment. 100% of prospective customers - i.e. dentists practices have heard of their products and they are regarded as a leading supplier in terms off quality. However, just going to fly the flag was never part of the agenda as far as their marketing team was concerned. It was still important to show their latest products and developments,  but the dental exhibition stand was used to also demonstrate the vision and company principles that hark back to when Ken and Joan Austin established it in 1964. Under their credo - the first principle is concern for people. An area on the stand was dedicated to Bridge2Aid, a charity that provides dental care for people in developing countries. It took the form of giant jigsaw, each piece represented a donation to the charity. Exhibition visitors were encouraged onto the stand by partaking in the puzzle, which improved traffic onto the stand as well as improving peoples lives.